Welcome to the Connecting Cookeville Podcast where we spotlight business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and local influencers. It’s our hope that this podcast enables you to feel the pulse of what makes our community great!


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Connecting Cookeville 079: Jake Hoot


Growing up as the child a missionary parents, Jake Hoot grew up playing music in church. After high school, he moved to Cookeville to attend and play football at Tennessee Tech and decided to make the Upper Cumberland home for his young daughter and himself. From playing music at local venues and a myriad of small town shows, Hoot decided to get serious about his music career. On this weeks podcast, we sit down with Jake to talk about the support he has received from this community, the importance he places on a strong support team, and his journey thus far on NBC’s singing competition, The Voice.

Connecting Cookeville 078: Marc de Claire

marc de claire

The homeless, the transient, the down and out, or even just someone needing a little extra help, Cookeville police officer Marc de Claire comes across a variety of people with extenuating circumstances on a daily basis. Through simple conversation, Officer de Claire would get to know these individuals and find out that often times there was an immediate need that could be solved by a small financial investment – a hotel room, a tank of gas, a refill on medication. This prompted de Claire to begin the Cookeville Human Fund, a nonprofit fueled by the community to meet a specific need in a short amount of time. In this week’s episode, de Claire discusses where the idea came from, how he vets the recipients, and how we can help further the cause!

Connecting Cookeville 077: Steve Pierce

steve pierce

Born and raised right here in Putnam County, Assessor of Property, Steve Pierce, has a homegrown passion for our community. Whether watching his grandfather serve in the public arena, or just the support and mentorship he received from area athletic coaches,
Steve learned from an early age that the best way to get ahead is to give back. In this episode of Connecting Cookeville, Steve explains what the Assessor of Property actually does for our community, how public service is a lot like entrepreneurship, and why he feels compelled to serve his community in this capacity.

Connecting Cookeville 076: Michael Casal

michael cassal

The son of immigrant parents, Dr. Michael Casal moved to the Upper Cumberland to practice medicine as an OB-GYN. Knowing little of the “business of medicine”, Dr. Casal did what so many business owners have to do – learn as they go, and he know runs one of the most respected solo practices in our region, Women’s Health Services. In this podcast, Dr. Casal shares his advice about balancing his two passions in life: family and work. Full of wisdom and lots of laughs, this episode gives our audience a glimpse behind the curtain of one of our local social celebrities and the causes that are close to his heart. Between their YouTube channel and appearances on Family Fued, the Casal’s know how to work hard AND play hard! You don’t want to miss this one!

Connecting Cookeville 075: Jaden Flynn


Jaden Flynn moved to Cookeville when he was two years old and has been here ever since, save one short stint in Hawaii. Entrepreneur and business owner, Jaden has been operating the Iron Kitchen, Cookeville’s only meal prep service for the last two and half years. Having recently purchased Personal Training Studio, Jaden now has a one stop shop for Upper Cumberland residents who are serious about getting fit. In this podcast, we talk a lot about mindset, the DNA of an entrepreneur, “finding yourself”, and why young people might say “I hate Cookeville”. This is a must listen for anyone raised in Cookeville or anyone struggling with their identity.

Connecting Cookeville 074: Cookeville Children’s Museum


Patti Purdy hails from just down the road in Granville, TN. With a background in early childhood development, marketing, and event planning, Patti decided to pursue a job where her experience and her creativity could intersect. A year ago, she became the director of the Cookeville Childrens Museum, a creative learning center that specializes in hands on play through their programs and community based exhibits. In this podcast, we discuss the cool happenings going on at the Children’s Museum, the story behind it, fun facts about it, and it’s role in our community with it’s corporate partners. Whether serving special needs families or those in the foster care system or traditional families, the museum is there to be a place parents can engage and play alongside their kids. Check it out!!

Connecting Cookeville 073: P-Dilly’s Cupcakes

p dillys

Machelle Staggs was working in the medical field when a horrible injury nearly rendered her disabled. When she moved to Cookeville, she was still battling a lot of pain but had a vision of working for herself by converting her baking hobby into a business, and that’s how P Dillys Cupcakes was born. In this podcast, Machelle talks candidly about the struggles of entrepreneurship, highlights the creative guerrilla marketing techniques that launched her business, and shares about how this community embraced her and her shop. This is a must listen for any budding entrepreneur or someone starting over in a second career!

Connecting Cookeville 072: MAC Management and Consulting


This week Amber sat down with her business partners Mitch Copeland and Craig Hughes with MAC Management and Consulting to talk about real estate investing, AirBnb, property management, and maximizing one’s portfolio. Check it out!!

Connecting Cookeville 071: YP Highlands

amberandzach1 (1)

On this episode of Connecting Cookeville, Our very own Zach and Amber sit down to discuss the up and coming young professionals group: YP Highlands.

Connecting Cookeville 070: Red Silo

red silo

Elijah Thomen has always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. Elijah met Jim Helton and Mark van der Bleek at his day job where they would come to purchase their home brew supplies. Over time the idea was birthed to launch Cookeville’s first microbrewery. Now a hub for downtown fun, Red Silo has become a staple on Cookeville’s Westside. In this podcast, Elijah talks about the genesis of Red Silo, their intentional partnership with and support of local businesses and musicians, and the future expansion plans coming soon. Cheers!!

Episode 69: Susie Dobbs-Anderson


After travelling the US singing Country Music, Susie Dobbs-Anderson moved to Cookeville to work at CRMC and raise a family. From touring with the likes of Montgomery Gentry and hosting the TV show “Beyond Rodeo” to owning her own retail store, there’s not much Susie hasn’t done!! A passion for people and a constant desire to be challenged drives Susie to chase her dreams, regardless of the obstacles. In this episode, Susie talks about the importance of being versatile, the philanthropic mission of her Suzi Q’s Scrubs& More, and the key to knowing who you are. So much fun!\

Episode 68: Jami Thornsberry


Jami Thornsberry moved to Cookeville after falling in love with the area, while here visiting family. A long history with family services and a passion for adoption, Jami began to feel a stirring to explore the possibility of bringing an adoption agency to the Upper Cumberland. That dream became a reality last year. Hope Center: Adoption & Family Services is a private placement agency and exists to walk through the adoption journey with both the birth and adoptive parents. In this episode, Jami shares about the work of the Hope Center, the practical ways that we can help, and how the movement to change the culture is making a sweeping impact on how adoption is viewed by our community. Informative and encouraging!

Episode 67: Diane Roland

diane_rolandDave and Diane Roland are long time Cookeville residents and business owners. Diane has always felt a connection to teenagers and young adults that feel orphaned in one way or another. It was this passion and her own personal experiences, that inspired her to open Next Step for Life, a transitional living facility, where program members can grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Whether teaching life skills like cooking and budgeting, or helping residents further their education and find work, Diane says that Next Step’s vision is to offer a hand up, not a hand out. In this episode, Diane shares her heart for broken families, gets vulnerable about her own story, and explains why she believes success is not always what we think it is. Learn about this amazing nonprofit and the lady behind it!

Episode 66: Jasen Knight

jasen knight

Jasen Knight is the golden child for the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. After what many would call a difficult childhood, against the odds, Jasen moved to Cookeville to attend Tennessee Tech where he began to meet people who spent time with him, encouraged him, and greatly influenced his formative years. Now employed by one of Cookeville’s largest employers, he works alongside others who continue to shape the man he is today. Surrounded by many other great men of the community, now Jasen is paying that forward in his role with IMPACT Cookeville, YP Leadership, and as a husband and father. A wonderful ambassador for Cookeville, Jasen is working on the frontlines of IMPACT Cookeville’s newest initiative, Community Building Community, where they take a focused and intentional interest in mentoring the next generation of community leaders. This episode is full of quips of wisdom and practical encouragement from one of Cookeville’s valuable influencers. Check it out!

Episode 65: Cindy Taylor


Cindy Taylor came to Cookeville to attend Tennessee Tech, where she met the man who would make her a permanent Cookevillian. As a life long educator, Cindy has spent her entire career shaping the lives of the next generation. In her present 9-5 (what she calls her “dream job”), Cindy works with our local Tennessee Reconnect chapter, UC Reconnect, helping non-traditional students further their education. In this episode, Cindy shares why she feels that education is the foundation of economic development, about the variety of services that UC Reconnect provides, and about the financial assistance that is available to the people they serve. Full of info and encouragement, this podcast is a must listen for anyone thinking about getting a degree!

Episode 64: Eric Walker


Hometown boy turned real estate investor and developer, Eric Walker was born and raised in Cookeville. After college and a wide array of adventures, Eric came back home to help with the family business revitalizing the commercial sector of the Upper Cumberland. It was this day to day operations, interactions with the city, and desire to see Cookeville continue to prosper that led Walker to throw his hat in the ring for City Council. In this episode, Eric shares business advice, his favorite ecotourism spots, and about the things that he hopes the council will achieve in the near future. A rare insight into the character of one of our elected officials, this podcast is a must listen for every Cookevillian!

Episode 63: Patty Seagrave


Patty Seagrave moved to Cookeville to attend Tennessee Tech, and like so many before (and after) her, she stayed and made the Upper Cumberland her home. Patty began her career in finance by working for a decade in credit counselling before transitioning into mortgage lending. In this episode, Patty shares her story of being a female business owner, clears up some confusion about credit scores, and dispels multiple mortgage myths. Informative and entertaining!!

Episode 62: (BONUS) Amber Flynn-Jared

Amber Flynn-Jared - Connecting Cookeville Podcast
Amber Flynn-Jared, Host – Connecting Cookeville Podcast

This is a bonus episode where our host, Amber Flynn-Jared, shares some highlights of the things that she has learned over the last year. Short, sweet, and to the point, Amber takes us along for her journey through lessons learned in 2018.

Episode 61: Tiffany Anton

tiffany anton

A native Michigander, Tiffany Anton is finding a way to make the Upper Cumberland home. From volunteering for numerous charities to her now full time gig at The Biz Foundry, Tiffany has a knack for helping others reach their highest potential. In this podcast, we talk about Tiffany’s latest work venture – Ladies Lunch & Learn, a month meetup for women entrepreneurs, her passion for non-profits (especially the Cookeville Children’s Museum), and the importance of plugging in and using your gifts in a new town. Take a listen!



Episode 60: Shawn Simono (Fire & Ice)


Raised by her father, Shawn Simono moved to Cookeville as a young girl. With a passion for health and wellness, Shawn pursued a career in that industry. Like many new businesses are born, she saw a gap in the medical spa niche that needed to be filled. Partnering with Dr Michael Casal, Shawn open Fire & Ice Med Spa earlier this year, and it has exploded! In this episode, Shawn discusses the power of positive thinking, the intentional pursuit to do what scares her, and the health scare that empowered her to chase her dreams.

Episode 59: Marlene Massa


Marlene Massa’s adventure into the world of retail began when her daughter started school. Unbeknownst to her at the time, working a variety of jobs and climbing the retail ladder was on-the-job training to eventually establish what is now The Market on the Square. Marlene’s contagious energy, larger than life personality, and creative genius make her one of Cookeville’s most fun entrepreneurs! In this podcast, Marlene takes us along her personal journey, sharing reminders about playing the long game, the importance of a good team, and working social media in your 60s. Full of laughs and intensity, this episode is chock full of wisdom nuggets for business owners old and young alike.

Episode 57: Bob Bell


Tennessee Tech University brought Bob and Gloria Bell to Cookeville in the 1970’s, and Tennessee Tech is what has kept them here. Bob Bell began his tenure as a professor, climbing the ranks of higher education, becoming Tech’s 8th president in July of 2000. While accumulating many accolades and setting numerous records at the helm of the university, Bell shares that his best memories of his time at Tech involve the relationships he’s made along the way. In this episode, Bob talks to us about his time at Tech, he and Gloria’s role in our community, and the tragedy they experienced when their home burned to the ground this summer. An integral part of the growth of our community, Bob Bell continues to serve in many capacities from the Boy Scouts to the chairman of Cookeville’s Industrial Development board, and as a mentor to many.

Episode 56: AARF


Ariel Marengo and Brittany Robbins from AARF (All About Rescue and Fixin), stop by to talk to us about the important role that animal fostering plays in our community. While they don’t have a dedicated facility, they oversee the care of over 150 dogs and cats in our area. In this episode, they share about the need to spay and neuter, the unique need that fostering fills, and the specific ways that individuals can help advance AARF’s mission in the Upper Cumberland.

Episode 55: Brad Sells


Born and raised in Cookeville, Brad Sells credits his life in the Upper Cumberland for making him the artist he is today. Through shop class at Cookeville High School and making wood toys for children as a part of community service as a teenager, Sells quickly discovered a love for working with his hands. Nationally recognized and highly acclaimed, Brad still lives and works here in his hometown. In this episode, Sells shares about the struggles of a “starving artist”, the work ethic necessary to fuel your passion, and the process of creating his stunning works of art. One of the more poignant interviews we’ve had, Brad shares openly about his journey to “the red path” and the secret to how we all can achieve our dreams.

Episode 54: Tracy Swack


Tracy Lee Swack, a Cookeville native, shares her story of how her passion for philanthropy is met through her career with Soles4Souls. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a big heart, Tracy is responsible for 33 bins in our area that collect clothes and shoes for the less fortunate. Whether partnering with local non-profits in our town or helping strengthen the local economy of third world countries, Tracy finds a way to daily make a difference. In this episode, she shares a moving story of pushing through tragedy to find your purpose, overcoming obstacles, and giving back to the community that made you.

Episode 53: Dr Keith & Angie Nichols


An entrepreneurial drive brought Dr. Keith and Angie Nichols to the Cookeville area and their passion for preventative medicine led them to open Tier 1 Heath and Wellness. Dr. Nichols is quickly gaining national attention as an expert in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. In this podcast, Keith and Angie discuss their personal struggles that led them to discover HRT, the lack of preventative medicine available, and our broken medical system. Although quite controversial, Keith and Angie believe that their form of treatment is restoring the art of medicine and restoring health and vitality for their patients. A very thought provoking and educational episode!

Episode 52: Matt Swallows, Swallows Insurance


An Overton County native, Matt Swallows moved to Cookeville to help expand the family business, Swallows Insurance. A third generation company leader, Matt understands the insurance business, but even more so, the people business. Swallows watched his father and grandfather build their company’s foundation on integrity and relationships. Now at the helm, Matt talks to us about the intricacies of working in a family business, the important role that his family has in his life, and reason he came back here to live and work. Swallows shares about the healthy growth of our community, a few of the things he sees on the horizon, and about his “selfish” reasons for wanting to see our city prosper.

Episode 51: Laurin Revere Wheaton, Vice Mayor


Although a recent Cookeville transplant, Laurin Revere Wheaton decided that there was no better way to get connected in a new place than to jump in with both feet. Inspired by the desire to keep Cookeville a vibrant place to raise a family, Laurin threw her hat in the ring for this year’s city council race and was elected vice mayor. In this podcast, we discuss the importance of your tribe, life in public service with two small children, and the direction that Wheaton hopes our community is headed.

Episode 50: Larry Stone, Stonecom Radio


Larry Stone fell in love with the Upper Cumberland area while doing Titans Caravans in our community. A dream that began early in life grew into a very successful radio career, and has culminated into Stone owning his own cluster of stations, Stonecom Radio. In this powerful episode, Larry shares his earliest childhood radio memories, some of his favorite moments as host of Titans’ Radio, and the ever changing nature of technology and its effect on his business. Stone reminds us all of the importance of hyper local content, how crucial it is to be involved in the community you serve, and the necessity of remaining nimble in an ever changing world. While pundits might question the future of traditional radio, Stone knows that they are here to stay.

Episode 49: GoKnee


It’s oft been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Sometimes, it’s what’s necessary for others that births a great idea. On this week’s podcast, local physical therapists Sonya Briggs and Shehla Rooney share with us about their incredible device (invented and developed right here in Cookeville!!), GoKnee, which is revolutionizing knee replacement rehab. Along with Nikki Orazine, the three ladies operate MotusX, a private, movement based, physical therapy practice. In this episode, Sonya and Shehla shed light on the genesis of their invention, the struggles they have experienced (and help they have found) as budding entrepreneurs, and the passion they share for their patient’s health which is the driving force behind all that they do. This is a must listen for anyone starting a business, one who has an invention, or those who are looking for ways to improve the health care system.

Episode 48: Chris Peterson, Mossy Oak Pro Staff


Chris Peterson moved to the Upper Cumberland after meeting his wife, Dianne. He was determined to get involved in the community, and has quickly become a vital member of many local organizations. Whether serving in his local church’s jail ministry or taking area youth on hunting trips, Peterson truly embodies a service over self mentality. In this podcast, he shares about the upcoming Jake’s Day at Mustard Seed Ranch, his involvement with Mossy Oak, and his passion for seeing the youth get outdoors. Chris has a contagious joy and likable nature that makes you feel like you’ve made a fast friend. In addition to that, he brings to this episode some real, practical wisdom about how to succeed in life

Episode 47: Kevin Christopher, Patent Attorney at Ridgeline Venture Law


Kevin Christopher moved his young family from California to Cookeville to be closer to family and to put down some roots. A patent attorney and principal of a growing law firm, Ridgeline Venture Law, Christopher works largely with businesses and intellectual property law – patents, trademarks, trade secret protection, biotech, digital tech, and socially aligned businesses. Besides being an incredibly intelligent guy, he also has a passion for poetry, rock climbing, entrepreneurship, the environment, and social empowerment. In this episode, he shares a different perspective of our community from a transplant viewpoint, highlighting some of the Upper Cumberland’s greatest hits – the presence of the University, cultural exposure, community events, and the power of our ecotourism. Kevin also shares his personal story of transformation from troubled kid to successful attorney, husband, and father.

Episode 46: Michael Aikens, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Director of the Center for Rural Innovation, Head of Tech Tomorrow

michael aikens

Michael Aikens moved to Cookeville to work at Tennessee Tech University where he now serves as the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Director of the Center for Rural Innovation, and just recently named the head of Tech Tomorrow, TTU’s strategic planning body. In this episode, Aikens shares the vision behind Tech’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship department – promoting problem solving, creativity, and a hands-on approach to learning. Aikens also dives into the honest reality of working alongside millennials, the challenges that many of his students face, and the marriage that can exist between entrepreneurship and the higher education system. Fantastic listen for anyone looking to be challenged in their mindset and growth potential!

Episode 45: Laura Wolf, CityScape


Laura Wolf moved to Cookeville when her late husband, Scott, was recruited by Averitt Express. She immediately fell in love with the community and put down deep roots. After volunteering with CityScape, Laura knew that she wanted to be there full time. CityScape’s mission is to establish a partnership between the public and private sectors that are dedicated to revitalizing Downtown Cookeville with an emphasis on community livability, economic restructuring and historic preservation. In this podcast, Laura shares the way that CityScape is impacting our area for the good, the way that individuals can get involved, and the various local activities that are on the horizon in Cookeville

Episode 44:  Marty Maynord, CEO of American Bank & Trust of the Cumberlands


Hailing from neighboring Overton County, Marty Maynord, CEO of American Bank & Trust of the Cumberlands, got his start in the banking business in high school. A self proclaimed “bank nerd”, Marty loves the numbers, deal structuring, and operations of the finance world. In this episode, you’ll also hear from the man behind the old school hp calculator and quickly discover that his still waters run deep. Marty shares with us what he loves about his work, the value he places on having a strong team, the entrepreneurial spirit of a local bank, and the importance of being involved in the community. This was a fun one with cool insight into the banking space!

Episode 43: Nancy Knowlton, The Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic


Nancy Knowlton moved to Cookeville to attend Tennessee Tech University. She began her working career in education, has owned her own business, has sold advertising, and now runs a large non-profit, the Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic. Nancy has a personal connection with and honest compassion for women experiencing crisis pregnancies. In this podcast, Nancy shares a raw and vulnerable story about brokenness and restoration. Her vibrant personality and passion for ministry shines through everything she does. Nancy shares the role that the Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic plays in our area and all the many avenues that they are making a difference and serving our community.

Episode 42: David Darnell and Beau Cunningham of Turdcules Toilet Elixirs

dave and beau

David Darnell and Beau Cunningham of Turdcules Toilet Elixirs moved to the Upper Cumberland just a couple of years ago. Being best friends forever, it was a pretty seamless transition to business partners, and the guys now own three ventures together, complimenting and challenging each other along the way. In this episode, the Turdcules team talks about how small business friendly that Cookeville has been, the support they have found at The Biz Foundry, and the secret to overcoming the variety of challenges that budding business owners face on the daily. These guys bring comedic relief and a relatable authenticity to the entrepreneur space. If you’re wondering what Turdcules is (and admit it, you’re wondering) or needing a breath of fresh air for your grind, take a listen!

Episode 41: Ricky Shelton, Mayor of Cookeville


Mayor Ricky Shelton returns to Connecting Cookeville to update the citizenry on the latest and greatest happenings in our community. From the impressive job creation numbers to cool quality of life events, there’s a lot to be proud of in our town. Shelton also opens up about why he loves being mayor of his hometown and what he sees is in store for this area in the not too distant future.

Episode 40: Hannah Davis, Marketing and Public Relations Specialist at Cookeville Regional

hannah davis

Hannah Harris Davis was born and raised in Cookeville and is a TTU grad. She enjoyed working as a publicist in Music City, but decided to put down roots back in the Upper Cumberland. As the Marketing and Public Relations Specialist at Cookeville Regional, Hannah has the privilege of promoting the services and accolades of our local hospital. In this podcast, Hannah shares some of the impressive highlights of CRMC and the role the hospital plays in our community. Hannah also has three small children and a husband in ministry, so we wanted to talk to her about balancing a busy career and a growing family. She encourages other mommas to do what is right for their family, maintain a positive attitude, celebrate each other’s successes, and “just do it”.

EPISODE 39: Steve Tiebout, Minister at River Community Church of Cookeville


Steve Tiebout moved to Cookeville from West Tennessee to attend Tennessee Tech. He followed the call on his life for ministry and moved back to the Upper Cumberland after seminary to plant a church, which is now one of the largest congregations in the area, River Community Church of Cookeville. In this episode, Pastor Steve shares his heart for this community, the miracle story of the huge cross you see coming into town, and his own personal testimony. This podcast is full of encouragement about not giving up on your dreams, staying real in the midst of real life struggles, and the value of an abundance mentality. Be sure to listen to Steve’s passionate story about reaching and serving our community!

EPISODE 38:  Jason McCormick, Owner of R-Cubed Environmental Solutions

12226988_10156244090025346_4809793090691266559_nJason McCormick moved to Cookeville in Junior High when his mother took a position with Averitt Express. If you talk to him for more than ten seconds, you can immediately sense that he’s never met a stranger. McCormick got his start in the corporate world at Averitt as well, learning valuable traits that serve him well today. A entrepreneur at heart, McCormick jumped at the chance when the opportunity presented itself to acquire R-Cubed. In this episode, Jason shares with us about practical sustainable living, new technology that is rocking his market, the importance of work/life balance, and the school of trial and error for a business owner. Jason has an infectious passion to inspire others and make our world a better place in more ways than one.

EPISODE 37: Don & Dave Sergio, Owners of Calf Killer Brewery

photos.medleyphoto.7466460A large Catholic family from the midwest, the Sergios moved to the Upper Cumberland when Don and Dave were kids. Growing up with parents that owned their own construction business, the guys learned the merit and muscle needed to be your own boss. A mutual love for beer grew into a hobby of home brewing for the Sergio brothers. As others would partake in their concoctions, that love was spread – first to family and friends, and now all across the state of Tennessee. In this unorthodox podcast, Don and Dave share their entrepreneurial journey of navigating legal red tape and overcoming doubters to have the incredible business that they have today. This episode is full of the levity and joy that the Sergio brothers, and their beer, is known for (mild language included). Cheers!!

EPISODE 36: Jennifer Wilkerson, Child Advocacy Center Director & Circuit Court Clerk Candidate

wilkersonBorn and raised by small business owners in Cookeville, Jennifer Wilkerson has a rich history of hard work and community development. Jennifer began her career in public service as a Communications Officer for the Cookeville Police Department. She eventually took a position with the District Attorney’s office and saw firsthand the need for a local Child Advocacy Center to help child victims of severe abuse. Now open for 15 years, the Child Advocacy Center serves almost 1000 children a year. In this episode, Jennifer shares the sobering reality of abuse in the 13th Judicial District, how the CAC intervenes on behalf of innocent children, the incredible work the center is doing in the community, and how the next chapter in her life has led her to run for public office.

EPISODE 35: Jaden Flynn, Entrepreneur

jadenJaden Flynn moved to Cookeville as a toddler and started his entrepreneurial journey shortly thereafter. A natural salesman and born leader, Jaden thrives in a entrepreneur’s environment. He started his meal prep business, The Iron Kitchen, in his mother’s house, and is now in his second commercial kitchen. As a millennial business owner, he credits his business success to social media exposure and the daily grind. In this podcast, he shares some of his tips for marketing, the value of learning how to fail, and how he pushed through the first year. This episode is full of raw and vulnerable truth about the trenches of business ownership and the value of being your authentic self.

EPISODE 34: Michael McDearman, Grillmaster

mcdearmanMichael McDearman first discovered his love for cooking when the sweet smell of a grilled steak captured his attention while delivering newspapers as a young boy in Cookeville. Like many of us in the South, McDearman was raised around good cooks and great food. That developed into a passion that opened doors for him to pursue a career in the food industry. After travelling all over the world, McDearman returned home to his roots to share his love of cooking with his local community. In this episode, he shares what he enjoys about teaching all things food, his favorite failure, the joys of doing what you love (“follow your love, and the money will come”), and Cookeville connections that have been woven through his adventures around the world.

EPISODE 33: Becky Davidson, President and Executive Director of Rising Above Ministries


The vision for Rising Above Ministries was birthed through Jeff and Becky Davidson’s experiences raising their son, Jon Alex, with profound special needs. When Jeff passed away in 2017, Becky not only became a widow and a single mother, she also became an author, speaker, and the leader of the couple’s ministry. In this episode, Becky talks about how “typical” families can embrace their friends and loved ones with a special needs child, the way Jeff’s legacy lives on, the role that Rising Above plays in our community, and how she refuses to allow labels to define her in this next stage of her life. This podcast is full of inspiration for anyone experiencing transition and change, especially if that is as a result of circumstances outside of your control.

EPISODE 32: Melinda Keifer, City of Cookeville Economic and Community Development Coordinator

WDStone_MelindaKeifer_HBP_11APR16_00145_BODYBorn and raised in Cookeville, Melinda Keifer has a rich heritage of community service in the Upper Cumberland. She is on the front lines of development at the city of Cookeville with her job, but she has lived it her whole life as business owner, farm girl, WCTE’s “Live Green Tennessee” host, former City Scape director, and long time employee in government service. In this episode, Melinda shares about how she has seen Cookeville change, the challenges that come with economic and community development, and she encourages us to engage our interest, get involved in the process, and connect the dots in our community. This podcast is a manifesto for community development, enrichment, and sustainable growth and a must listen for any curious and committed Cookevillian.

EPISODE 31: TJ Overstreet, Discipleship Pastor at FBC & Casey Overstreet, AdvoCare Independent Distributor


Certain that they crossed paths at YMCA day camp as kids, they made it official in junior high school and have been together ever since. Growing up with a strong work ethic instilled, TJ & Casey experienced a variety of job paths and decided that business and entrepreneurial ventures coupled with ministry and service was what inspired them. In this episode, they discuss the value of hard work, the discipline of working for yourself, their heart for adoption, and their view on community servanthood.

EPISODE 30: Erin Hawkins, Owner of Fringe Salon and Co-Owner of The Alsup Mill

Erin Hawkins

Erin Alsup Hawkins moved to Cookeville in middle school when her mother randomly chose this community as their next landing spot. Working through the Cosmetology program at Cookeville High School, Erin was able to accelerate obtaining her license and go on to earn a degree in Business Marketing from Tennessee Tech. While successfully operating a full service salon, Erin joined her sister, Amy, in also opening an online boutique that bears their maiden name: The Alsup Mill. In this episode, Erin shares the journey of navigating changing business models, the challenges of balancing home life and business, and the power of always moving forward. Fantastic listen for momtrepreneurs and multiple business owners!