Episode 9 | Mike & Tracey Franklin

mike and trace

Mike & Tracey Franklin: Owners and Operators of Loxx Salon & Spa

With two individual journeys that diverged into one, Mike and Tracey Franklin share their story about how their backgrounds prepared them to be partners in life and business. In this podcast, Mike and Tracey discuss their drive for investing in their employees, their focus on accountability, and their commitment to education and training. They also share some of their personal journey of overcoming challenges, learning to believe in the impossible, and conquering fears that we all can relate to. Now open in a new incredible location, Mike and Tracey share how Loxx Salon and Spa has stretched them as business owners and as individuals, while simultaneous being their avenue to give back to our community. Full of quotable bits of wisdom, this episode is a must listen for any budding or struggling entrepreneur!